What we do

ONE is a channel management platform where suppliers and sales channels are integrated and connected. This means that everyone works within one single system. The platform provides you with an integral insight into your entire business.

Pick & Mix

It is possible to implement all of our modules, or only the modules that apply to your business needs. Futhermore, ONE has customization options and it can be linked with other (ERP) systems.

Dynamic structure

The platform was dynamically built so that complex services and product can be added easily.


ONE is ISO27001 certified and meets the European General Data Protection standards. Choose ONE for a future proof organisation!

Easy integration

ONE works in addition to existing systems and is easy to integrate into the current IT infrastructure.


ONE is for any organisation that has to deal with sales via indirect channels. ONE provides the possibility to expand en manage the entire business from one single platform.

About us

ONE is a channel management platform where suppliers and sales channels are integrated and connected. By implementing ONE you get immediate access to an experienced IT team. We have an unique way of working which leads to quick and easy implementation


1. Create software from scratch

The team of ONE Platforms can build new software from scratch. This leads to unlimited possibilities, tailored to your needs.

Choose this option if you prefer unique, customized software, rather than a standard application.

2. ONE Platforms framework

This option is a combination of customization and the use of current software. You will use the standardized ONE Platforms framework, while retaining the possibility of adding unique modules and features, according to your own preference.

This is the best choice if you would like to implement a customised platform easily into the current IT infrastructure.

ONE Platforms would be happy to advise you about the option that will best meet your needs.

During the project we work with fixed phases:

1. Analysis

The desired situation will be outlined and roles will be defined.

2. Development

This phase is executed by means of the Scrum method. The desired modules will be delivered in multiple sprints.

3. Integration

The platform is finished, tested and ready to use.

4. Aftercare

Together, we evaluate the results determined during the analysis and development phase.

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